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I believe wholeheartedly it is not until we are into our 40’s that we start to realize the importance of simplifying our lives. It is in this stage of our lives that we truly begin to prioritize the important people in our lives and most importantly ourselves!

As we enter the next stage in our lives we are rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of our 20’s and 30’s.

The 20’s were the spontaneous, wasteful, and fun years we lived a little too hard. The decade we loved so hard it hurt but we didn’t care, we gave away parts of ourselves we didn’t know we needed at the time. Our self-worth, our pride, even our humility at times.

The 30’s followed and some of us established our lives and paths and began families. Some of us may have unfortunately endured abuses at the hands of others. We may have been our own abusers by simply allowing ourselves to get lost in the everyday monotony. Whatever the case maybe, we need to forgive the crimes and move forward. If you have anger or malice in your heart you cannot grow. Forgive, grow, and dust off the burnt ashes.

Remember how to breathe again! We inhale the fresh cleansed air around us. Cleansed of all the drama, abusers, and superficial relationships. Fill the space around you with genuine friendships, hobbies that feed your soul, and enjoy the fabulous 40’s!

Start with drowning out the “noise” in your life. Stop listening to the naysayers and negative people around you. For example, the “noise” in my life was the superficial friendships I had. I no longer foster those relationships. I only spend my time with the friends that I know have my back. My sisters that will drop everything if I text them “911” with no questions asked. My friends that will tell me without pause that those jeans make my arse look big and are not afraid to tell me I’m being the world’s biggest bitch. These are the type of people I want in my life. I lost the social climbers, gossipers, and people who just left me feeling “not nice,” when I left spending time with them. That’s a clear indicator that they are just “noise.”

Start nurturing your spirit, and doing for YOU! For me, that meant cutting back on all of my volunteering responsibilities. I was volunteering so much I had a “Mommy Break-Down.” I was doing so much for others, I had stopped doing for me! How ridiculous is that? I see countless other women do that every day, STOP it, ladies. When it’s all said and done, your kiddos will not remember whether you brought homemade or store bought cookies to school. All that they will remember is that you were happy when you picked them up.

Finally, If you’re happy on the inside your outside will reflect it. I now take more time for myself, writing, yoga, eating right, ME. People cannot believe that I am 42 when I tell them my age. And I am proud to say that. I no longer have horrible circles under my eyes and my skin is no longer waxen due to stress. I no longer have to pile on makeup to hide my exhaustion and just a very small make-up routine does the trick!

The 40’s are your time to shine, to be the you that YOU were meant to be.

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