Dressing for the office can be a daunting task especially as we get older. It’s not easy putting together work outfits that are appropriate, stylish, and make us look and feel good!

Our biggest tip when creating work-appropriate outfits is to stick with the staples. Buy a handful of classic staple pieces that you can wear in multiple different ways and with multiple different outfits. These pieces may include a tailored black dress, a classic pump, a crisp white blouse, and of course, a pair of high-quality pantyhose.

We may be a little bias, but a pair of high-quality pantyhose is our favourite staple piece for work. It can make any (okay, most) dress and skirt combos appropriate for the office and adds a twist of sophistication to an outfit you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Pantyhose are elegant, classic, and chic. They are a must-have staple for the working woman.

Here are 10 stylish ways to wear pantyhose to work in 2018!





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