If you’ve been stuck indoors thanks to the snowpocalypse that’s taken over North America this past week, you’re probably finding it hard to come up with new creative Instagram content.

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or just an avid Instagram-lover, posting consistent content is imperative to growth, engagement, and ROI. And unfortunately, that means posting even when you can’t leave your house!

Staging and shooting photos in your home can be a challenge. Many of us don’t live in apartments that look like #InstaGoals. The majority of us live in homes that are messy, cluttered, and, dare I say, lived in!

But rain or shine (or hail and ice and snow), our content game has got to stay strong! Here are our top tips for shooting amazing Instagram content in your own home…even when if you don’t live in a Pinterest dream!

Tip #1: Ensure you have great lighting

We all know by now that lighting is the most important part of getting an amazing shot. Try staging your photos in spaces that are flooded with lots of natural light (like by a window!) and use different camera angles to find where the light hits you best. A big no-no is positioning the camera to shoot at the source of light, for example, trying to take a photo by the window and pointing the camera directly at the window. This will drown out the subject (presumably you) with backlighting and create a lot of blurriness and overexposure across the subject.

If you don’t have well-lit spaces in your home, you can use artificial lighting such as softboxes, ring lights, or even just lamps! Set up portable lighting all around the space you want to capture to help give your home that bright, airy, Pinterest-esque vibe!






Tip #2: Try a flatlay

Flatlays are such an amazing go-to when you don’t have a great backdrop to work with. You can feature so many different things in a flatlay from new products you’re loving, to artwork, to the meal you just cooked up!

To achieve the perfect flatlay, we suggest using a light-coloured surface as the background. If you don’t have a  neutral tabletop, simply iron a white bedsheet to drape over your table! Then scatter your products and whatever else you’re featuring in the flatlay in the middle of the table. Add decor such as flowers, glitter, food…basically whatever goes with your theme!

Finally and most importantly, ensure you have great lighting around the table and take the photo from a birdseye view above. Ensure the edges of the table are out of frame. If you’re struggling with the lighting, try holding a lamp above the table as you take a photo.





Tip #3: Utilize the colour white

I know this sound weird but hear us out!

Having lots of white in a photo, whether it’s a white bedspread, white walls, or white countertops, can make the photo look much more chic, clean, and modern. Using a white (or light neutral) backdrop or being surrounded by white furniture tricks the eye into thinking your space is more modern and luxe than it really is!

If your home is less-than-Pinterest-worthy, make sure you’re capturing your indoor photos surrounded by whatever white you have in your home and try to avoid colours such as browns, beige, and army green. Unless these colours are incorporated well into your home decor colour-scheme, they can make your space look dingy, dark, or cluttered in photos.

And if the whites in your home are off-coloured or dirty? We’ve got a trick for that, too! Keep reading!





Tip #4: Edit

Finally, our biggest and best tip for taking gorgeous Instagram photos in your home — editing!

You can honestly make any space look stunning with the right editing. And no, regardless of what your favourite bloggers tell say, you don’t need Lightroom or Photoshop to do it!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on professional editing software, try downloading these three apps for the ultimate editing experience on your phone:

Facetune — I’m sure you’ve heard of Facetune by now, and for good reason! This app will cost you $5.99 once to download and that’s it! Use Facetune to smooth out wrinkles in your clothing, blur or “patch” out scuffs, marks and stains on your walls, furniture, or outfit, and brighten/whiten any white object in your photo that might be a bit off-colour.

Google Photos— Google Photos is a free app and works even better than VSCO Cam in our opinion! Use Google Photos to increase white exposure, amplify colours, and increase/decrease warm tones, cool tones, and deep blues. You can also use this to filter and adjust the saturation of each filter to suit your photo.

Snapseed by Google— Another free Google app, Snapseed is an amazing app to selectively brighten, contrast, or saturate very specific areas of your photos without needing Photoshop. This works really well when photos are saturated with backlighting but the subject is shadowed in the foreground. You can also use Snapseed’s exposure brush to paint your white surfaces or objects and make them even more white!


We hope you’re all staying warm in this snowstorm! xo

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