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Thinking that 2018 would be the year that white pants finally went out of style?

Think again, ladies.

One scroll through Instagram and you’ll see the fashion world is still very much coveting a white pant for summer.

And while white pants can be one of the most intimidating styles to wear, they can also be the one of the chicest. When worn right, a white pant can tie an outfit together, making it look clean, fresh, and totally poised (even if you totally aren’t).

So whether you love ’em or hate ’em, it’s time to learn to wear ’em!

Here are five easy ways to style white pants this summer that won’t intimidate you. (We promise.)

Style: Jean

Terrified of pairing two different types of jean? Don’t be! Style your favourite white jeans with classic denim on top for a more laid-back yet tailored look.

Style: Feminine

Style your white pants with flowy tops and pastel colours to create an ultra-feminine look. This look is whimsical, elegant, and perfect for date night!

Style: Fishnets

White pants with fishnets is a bold look that’s sure to get your outfit noticed. It’s unexpected, edgy, and totally fashion-forward in all the right ways.

Style: Patterns

The best part about white pants is they basically go with everything! Take advantage of this versatility and try styling them with fun a patterned top, shoes, or bag.

Style: Casual

Use your white pant as the focal point of an effortless summer outfit by incorporating lose, baggy layers and simple casual pieces like linen and slides.

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